Friday, 28 September 2012

No easy solution to union’s role - [SOSAC in the News]

Our coordinator Nomalanga recently spoke at a panel at the Education Conversations at the University of Johannesburg. The event was hosted by Kagiso Trust, University of Johannesburg and City Press. Nomalanga shared the platform with Mugwena Maluleke of SADTU and Themba Kojana from the Department of Basic Education. The topic was Topic: "How have unions responded to the shifts in the teaching profession?: Evaluating the role and contributions of teacher unions" This is how City Press covered the event:
Community activist Nomalanga Mkhize, the coordinator of the Save Our Schools initiative in Grahamstown, said there was a disconnect between unions and government that crippled decision-making at schools. While unity is declared at the top levels of union and education structures, local-level and district-level education is driven by divided loyalties and a poor understanding of processes and procedures. Mkhize has observed elements of distrust and resentment among teachers towards communities and parents who want to be involved in their children’s schools. She suggested that this mindset was rooted in the power of union officials at the local and micro levels
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