Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We now have a name - The Little Red Teapot!

The Save Our Schools and Community (SOSAC) early childhood development centre (ECDC) was established in 2012 on the premises of the Adolph Schauder Primary School in Shauderville, Port Elizabeth. 

It was recently renamed as The Little Red Teapot crèche. 

Research on childhood development has proven that the ages of 0 – 5 are critical for setting the neurological and physiological foundations for the development of human beings.   

The Little Red Teapot provides excellent early childhood care in a community with deep socio-economic challenges.

In 2013 the crèche enrolled 29 children between age 4-5. 

They majority are Afrikaans speaking from Schauderville and surrounds, a minority are Xhosa-speaking from New Brighton township. 

The medium of instruction is English.

Highlights of the Year

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The day's theme was RED!
 Ice cream outing!

Getting ready for the end of year concert.